Meet the Founder

FLOW was founded by Carlee Wendell in the fall of 2015. Carlee is passionate about empowering women in any way possible. Hailing from Connecticut, and currently residing in Tampa, FL, she studied history at the University of Alabama, but felt called to do more . Her turning point and ah-ha moment was when she saw a photo of feminine products being handed to a homeless woman.

This simple act made her realize that there is a lack of attention towards basic feminine hygiene in shelters, and nonexistent in third world countries. After much research, she found that very few companies or non-profits were dedicated to this cause. Set out to make a difference, Carlee founded FLOW to simply change the stigma that women do not need to hide their periods, and to provide women access to feminine hygiene. In return, this gives women the ability to feel more comfortable and empowered during their time of the month, as periods aren't something to be ashamed of, but proud of.