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Welcome to our blog, we're so excited that you're here! On the blog, you'll find updates, photos, informational material, and our weekly #WarriorWednesday posts. For all of our new friends, each Wednesday we tell the story of a heroic woman (or young girl) from the past or present. We like to shine the spotlight on those whose stories you may not know, or may not really know. It's our way of showing our appreciation for the strong, kind, and brave warriors of the world! Sooo... Stick around because you just might learn something new!


1). If you would like to submit someone to be featured as an upcoming #WarriorWednesday we would LOVE that! It can be anyone from Cleopatra, to your neighbor who knits sweaters for homeless cats (If that person exists... We want to meet her like, yesterday). To nominate someone, please send an email with the information to [email protected]

2). We are always looking for writers! Whether you're an established journalist (Katie Couric- please apply), aspiring writer, college student, or you just want to write about some amazing ladies please reach out to us! PS- Just because we chat about women it doesn't mean you have to be one to join us. All genders are lovingly welcomed. To apply please e-mail us at [email protected] feel free to attach a resume, sample of your writing, or simply why you're interested in joining our team!

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